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E-Pocket Meeting will help those recovering from alcoholism to run an AA meeting.  Meetings are one of the keys to success in recovery.  But the day comes when it is up to us to run a meeting with none of the regular documents at hand.  E-Pocket Meeting is the solution.  With E-Pocket Meeting on your phone, you will

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Available on Amazon in print and e-book

be ready, at a moment’s notice, with the basic material to open, run and close an AA meeting like an old-timer.

There are as many ways to run a meeting as there are alcoholics in recovery, E-Pocket Meeting has you covered with enough variations and suggestions to be perfect for most folks comfortable for the rest.  With E-Pocket Meeting on your phone or tablet, running an AA meeting will seem easy whether it is two or three gathered together or a room full of eager newcomers. Another dose of recovery is delivered for another day’s sobriety.

Help for those recovering from alcoholism to run an AA meeting.  When it is up to you to run a meeting.  You will deliver another dose of recovery for another day of sobriety with E-Pocket Meeting on your phone or tablet. E-Pocket Meeting includes one AA meeting format with some possible variations built in, many common AA meeting readings (Preamble, How It Works, Promises, Vision for You and more), topic list, extensive big book index, some AA terms and definitions and new virtual meeting admin format.


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